Valentine’s Day Eye Makeup at Home 2021

Happy V-Day everyone.

This time it will be a different kind of Valentine’s day. But it is okay; there are enjoying ways to celebrate at home. Just because we’re at home doesn’t mean we won’t look good.

Let’s make up for sexy looks

#1 First determine your eye shape

Valentine’s Day Eye Makeup at Home 2021
Valentine’s Day Eye Makeup at Home 2021
Valentine’s Day Eye Makeup at Home 2021

# Choose the makeup that suits you according to your eye shape

It’s just time to make cat eye makeup

Valentine’s Day Cat Eye Makeup at Home 2021
Valentine’s Day Cat Eye Makeup at Home 2021
Valentine’s Day Cat Eye Makeup at Home 2021
Valentine’s Day Cat Eye Makeup at Home 2021
Valentine’s Day Cat Eye Makeup at Home 2021
Valentine’s Day Cat Eye Makeup at Home 2021

What about almond eye makeup?

How to Apply Red Lipstick Properly

Wearing red lipstick is tricky. With our help, you will be able to easily apply red lipstick.

Valentine’s day is coming. Red lipstick makeup is the best make-up style for Valentine’s Day.

The devil is in the details.

Preparing the lip on which red lipstick will be applied, just like preparing the canvas to be painted

Dip your toothbrush in sugar, moisten it slightly and brush your lips gently. So you will get rid of the dead skin.

The first thing is to moisturize our lips. Applying lipstick to dried and chapped lips does not give good results.

After moisturizing the lips, it is necessary to neutralize the lip color with a concealer. So we have the opportunity to draw the lip borders right from the beginning.

Applying concealer on lips for great red lipstick

Make sure you choose the shade of red that suits your skin tone.

There are many shades of red. Which one is more suitable for you? The answer to this question is hidden in your skin undertone.

Determine your skin undertone.

If the veins inside your wrist look blue in daylight, you have a cold undertone, and if they look green, you have a warm undertone.

If you have determined your skin undertone as cold, you should prefer shades of red to burgundy.

If you have determined your skin undertone as warm, you should prefer red to orange tones.

If you see both green and blue veins on the inside of your wrist, your undertone is neutral and almost any color suits you well.

Someone with warm undertones should go for cold colors, someone with a cold undertone should go for warm colors.

You can also use this information when choosing a hair color or outfit.

Skin undertone color

You determined your skin undertone and selected the red color tone that suits you, now there are application secrets.

#Step 1 Draw an X

Line your lips with a similar red lip pencil. Create an X on top of your lips. Then fill in lips with lip pencil.

#Step 2 Fix The Color

In this step to ensure that the lipstick we apply is permanent, you should powder our lips with transparent powder before applying the color.

# Step 3 Apply Red Lipstick with a Brush

Applying lipstick with a brush allows us to be careful and careful. We start by taking less color on the brush and stop when we reach the color we want.

Apply Red Lipstick with a Brush

#Step 4 CleanUp Edges With Concealer

Concealer application to the edges of the lips both helps to remove mistakes and your lips look plump.


You look gorgeous!

Katy Perry Christmas Makeup Look

New year is coming and, please allow Katy Perry to show it AGAIN. This beautiful video and new year makeup look is from last year. But we wanted to show you, beautiful Katy Perry Christmas Makeup Look. No worries, everything is gonna be alright like last year!

Perry is thought for being additional and all the time doing absolutely the most with any and each magnificence look, and she or he simply did it once more. In her music video for her newest tune, “Cozy Little Christmas,” the singer took us to the North Pole, the place she additionally confirmed off her holiday-beauty appears, and let’s simply say, they’re eye-catching.

Beautiful makeup look for the Christmas of 2020

Perry presents beautiful makeup look for the Christmas of 2020
Perry’s new holiday-themed tune is actually a bop, however Perry’s festive eye make-up appears, all created by make-up artist Anthony Nguyen, are the star of the present.

The video kicks off with candy cane-inspired eyeliner. To create the look, Nguyen painted red and white stripes on Perry’s lids and utilized thick winged liner to resemble everybody’s favourite stocking stuffer, a sweet cane. The entire thing was topped off with dramatic false lashes (a typical Katy Perry transfer), fake freckles, and a basic holiday-red lip.

The re-assessment was my favourite: Perry’s eyes have been bedazzled in rhinestones, giving off a really icy vibe. The three-dimensional crystals began at her lid and labored as much as her temples, making her a real ice queen (transfer over, Elsa).

In fact, Perry’s hair was excessive too, and hairstylist Shon Hyungson Ju is to thank for that. Perry ended the music video carrying a sky-high updo formed like (you guessed it) a Christmas tree. Do not act stunned: It’s Katy Perry, in spite of everything.

Christmas Themed Makeup Look Ideas

Christmas Coloured Make-up İdeas

We rounded up all of the Christmas Makeup Look Ideas we’ve been saving since January and have you ever lined for each Zoom celebration and socially distant household gathering, or simply to get you within the spirit. Whereas clearly the main target this 12 months is all about eyes, we nonetheless have choices for each state of affairs, from basic cherry lips to out-there neon. Scroll on for one of the best vacation and Christmas make-up concepts you will need to copy this season.

Typically, you simply want to decorate up like a Christmas Barbie. Crimson lips and winged liner are vacation staples, however the dewy shimmer eye shadow makes this model really feel recent.

We want you to shine like a star with these beautifeul Christmas Makeup Look Ideas. Let’s check it together

Christmas makeup concept
Christmas eye makeup idea
Christmas eye makeup idea
Christmas makeup concept
Christmas eye makeup idea

Christmas Themed Eye Make-up Appears

Christmas eye makeup idea
Christmas eye makeup idea
Christmas eye makeup ideas
Christmas eye makeup idea with christmas tree
Christmas eye makeup idea
Christmas eye makeup idea
Christmas eye makeup idea
Christmas eye makeup idea

Lips Prepared for Christmas with These Makeups

Christmas lips makeup ideas
Christmas lips makeup idea
Christmas lips makeup idea
Christmas lips and nails makeup idea
Christmas lip makeup idea

4 Thanksgiving Makeup Ideas for Dinner

We’re almost there. Thanksgiving is coming. It is a special day for everyone who enjoys being with family and friends for good food, good times. So why not add some special thanksgiving makeup for us? We’ve listed 4 thanksgiving makeup ideas for you. Pretty sure that you can find one suitable for you.

1. For Those Who Wants to Stay Natural

Putting natural makeup is the new trend. So it is not a bad idea to apply natural and soft thanksgiving makeup. Plus, it takes so little time. Thus you may spare time for dinner. It is also an easy and risk-free solution for beginners. No one wants a clown for the thanksgiving dinner right 🙂 ?
You may want to check Bella Fiori’s video about effortless makeup tutorial here.

Bella Fiori – Fresh, Natural & Effortless Makeup Tutorial

2. Glam Makeup for the Thanksgiving

Ok, we love the natural look. But sometimes it’s nice to get some glam. Think about glittering jewels and your glam makeup. It felt right, isn’t it? You can be glamorous anytime you want and why not on thanksgiving day?
Use some sharp winged eyeliner, use red lipstick to get kissable lips. There you go, timeless, beautiful and attractive makeup for thanksgiving dinner.

3. Matte Makeup for the Thanksgiving

It’s autumn and almost winter. Some of us may want to use appropriate makeup for the season. For those who like using matte makeup than glowy, this is for you. Use the makeup that influenced by the tones of the season. Pumpkins, caramel, marcescent… Youtuber selmaemilia is a good example of applying autumn matte makeup. You can check that tutorial here.

selmaemilia matte autumn makeup tutorial

4. Smokey Eye Makeup

We all love smokey eye makeup. It will be lovely and catchy to have smokey eye makeup on thanksgiving day. But it is a bit risky too since nobody knows to do a smokey eye properly. So please do check good tutorials out there on Youtube. We can give you 3 quick tips for this.

1. Eyelash: To keep your makeup modern, ensure keeping the darkest point at eyelash.
2. Combining: Combining is very important. You can use dark as much as you want but it should be well combined.
3. Keep it simple: Do not exaggerate using limitless numbers of shadows. Use 2 or 3 at most with a liner. That will do enough to pop your eyes.

Check Lisa Eldridge’s makeup tutorial for smokey eye.

Top 9 Beauty Looks From the 2019 People’s Choice Awards

Fans got the opportunity to sidestep the stuffy Hollywood voting institutes on Sunday and pick their very own honor victors, on account of the E! Individuals’ Choice Awards.

Newcomers like Billie Eilish was stunning. Of course, long-term top picks like Jennifer Aniston picked the awards.

The best part is that the demonstrate picked three Icons to shower with additional gratefulness: Pink as the People’s Champion of 2019, Jennifer Aniston as the People’s Icon of 2019, our favorite Gwen Stefani as the Fashion Icon of 2019.

One classification where the individuals didn’t get the chance to pick the victors was the best magnificence looks, and that, companions, is the place we join the game. We scoured the red-carpet pathway for the night’s cosmetics wins.

Let’s check for a once-over of the best cosmetics looks from the 2019 E! People’s Choice Awards, including a couple of you, ‘ll certainly need to document for the daily inspiration.

Lucy Hale from 2019 People’s Choice Awards

Look at Lucy Hale’s red carpet look! You can understand that it’s all about her beautiful skin.
Her brilliant glow comes cordiality of items from Dermalogica and a treatment from Beverly Hills facialist Cynthia Franco. Cosmetics craftsman Jenna Kristina utilized a full unit of Maybelline cosmetics to paint on her fantastic cosmetics, which gave her everything dark outfit an explosion of blue and pink.

Kim Kardashian from 2019 People’s Choice Awards

If Kim Kardashian is walking a red carpet, you’ll be able to bet her go-to makeup creator Mario Dedivanovic is somewhere close to her. The long-continued Kardashian collaborator created this look completely with KKW Beauty. Kardashian wore her signature nude lip, however Dedivanovic value-added some shine with the Kim Kardashian x Winnie Gloss on the QT. She conjointly spritzed on the new fragrance, KKW Diamond for the evening.

Jennifer Aniston from 2019 People’s Choice Awards

Jennifer Aniston took home the award for People’s Icon, and in true icon fashion she skipped the pre-show red carpet. Luckily, post-show photographers got a chance to capture Aniston’s hair and makeup. Even on awards night, Aniston keeps her hair shingly, cheeks glowy, and lips nude. You don’t get to be AN icon while not knowing what works for you, and Aniston is the prove of the classy of a vivid signature look.

Hannah Brown from 2019 People’s Choice Awards

The beautiful Bachelorette star wowed the PCAs in a classy red cutout dress and a big smile.

Katherine McNamara from 2019 People’s Choice Awards

Katherine McNamara’s dress included hot patterns and little jewel subtleties. Her makeup and hairstyle was a perfect match for her dress.

Kourtney Kardashian from 2019 People’s Choice Awards

Business easygoing got a breathtaking makeover Sunday night with Kourtney Kardashian’s People’s Choice Awards look. Her monochromatic cosmetics, complete with rich lashes and beige tints, and slicked-back pigtail leave space for this low profile, sequin jacket too, actually, sparkle.

Anne Winters from 2019 People’s Choice Awards

Actress Anne Winters was one of the sexiest and beautiful actress on the red carpet in a bright orange dress with tutu detail.

Sarah Hyland from 2019 People’s Choice Awards

What a perfect example for coral Living Coral Makeup. She showed up on the honorary pathway with Sarah Hyland’s head-to-toe take. In addition to the fact that she coordinated her lipstick and become flushed with her dress, yet she additionally coordinated her metallic eye shadow with the accents on her outfit. Next time you need to resemble an IRL nightfall, this flashing eye cosmetics, splendid orange lipstick, and the poppy-orange dress is the hope to copy.

Gwen Stefani from 2019 People’s Choice Awards

Gwen Stefani was named Fashion Icon of 2019, and she did it without her mark red lip. Rather, she evaluated a cold wonder look with an iced highlighter and blue-tinted shine. The cosmetics matched splendidly with her precious stone choker and snow-white ball outfit, which she incredibly had printed with the expression “Design Icon.”

3 Anastasia Steele’s Makeups for Valentine’s Day

We loved all Fifty Shades of Grey series. Literature student Anastasia Steele’s life changes forever when she meets handsome, yet tormented, billionaire Christian Grey. Anastasia Steele was played by Dakota Johnson.

We think it will be such a good idea to steal her makeup looks for Valentine’s Day.

5 Romanic Makeup Styles for Valentine’s Day

Romantic or sexy, which one is your way for Valentine’s Day.

We have some ideas to make this day unforgettable. Look at these 5 romantic makeup styles for Valentine’s Day.

We think to different makeup ideas for different Valentine’s Day organizations.

A Romantic Dining Out with Your Loved One

This is the first thought when it comes to Valentine’s Day. You can prepare properly. If you wanted to be noticed, time to use both eye makeup and bold lip makeup together. Do not afraid at all this is important occasion.

Instagram Beauty Valentine’s Day Makeup

Unexpected Romance


You must be prepared for everything. Just look cool like you are always be like that. Come and dream with us. Red lipstick and naked eyes makeup is always a good idea. Don’t forget to look surprised 🙂

Preparing a Special Dinner at Home


Imagine you are in a silky sexy sleep dress, and slippers with heels, you should absolutely use red shiny intense lipstick. So you can leave a trail with lipstick. You may want to use an eyeliner.

Let’s Dance


The night begins with champagne, chocolate, and some strawberry. So you don’t need red lips. Set up the perfect mood with candles, a romantic music playlist, sexy lingerie or role-playing costumes and don’t forget to use fixer. You may sweat : ) We think pink color makeup for a fairy night. Use pink and brown harmony on your eye makeup. Nude color lips and highlighted cheeks will be .

The Next Morning Breakfast

Organize a sexy breakfast with waffle and syrup. No makeup make up should be your style. Look fresh and live with cherry lips, cheeks highlighter. Open your hair. Wear his shirt on it and you are ready!


Golden Globe 2019 Red Carpet Makeups

The Golden Globe awards given by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association were awarded to the 76th time. We have collected Golden Globe 2019 Red Carpet Makeups for you.

Celebrities entered the race of elegance on the red carpet. Let’s take a look at Golden Globe Awards Ceremony 2019 Makeup Styles. Here it is Golden Globe 2019 Red Carpet Makeups.

It was a fabulous night

In general, the makeup looks are natural and customary. We can see the back to nature trends on the red carpet. We loved red or pink lips, natural cheekbones, smokey eyes, glowy skins.

Just a few tips to get a red carpet makeup

  • Don’t forget the moisturize your skin.
  • You should use a primer for the beginning and a makeup fixer spray.
  • You may want to refresh your makeup. Take your lipstick and powder.

You are ready to be stunning!