100% VEGAN Cosmetics: Milk Makeup

Milk Makeup is a fully vegan and cruelty free cosmetics brand that does not experiment on animals. We also love the clean content and sweet packaging of their products.

We wanted to share the makeup made with the products of this minimalist brand we love. Here are our favorite products and its application examples.

#1 Blur Stick Primer

This product is an alternative to foundation. The beauty of make-up is very related to the base applied before. Use this product to make a good skin makeup.

Milk Makeup – Blur Stick Primer
Milk Makeup – Blur Stick Primer Product

#2 Multi-use Products: Lip + Cheek

Multi-purpose Glow Oil Lip + Cheek is perfect for those who want use less products.

Milk Makeup
Milk Makeup
Milk Makeup

#3 Holographic Stick

Are those who miss festivals here?

Although we cannot go to festivals due to covid, we can feel energetic with a small amount of this product.

#4 Kush High Volume Mascara

If you do not like the clumping of your mascara and are looking for a clean pigments, clump-free mascara, you should definitely try this product.

High Volume Mascara
High Volume Mascara

#5 Vegan Milk Moisturizer

A moisturizer suitable for daily use. It is absorbed quickly and provides moisture all day long for your skin needs.

Vegan Milk Moisturizer
Vegan Milk Moisturizer

No-makeup Makeup Look

No-makeup Makeup Look, which has been very popular in the last year and with its ease and natural and healthy appearance, seems to increase its popularity this year and in the coming years.

Despite the flashy, heavy and multi-layered make-up applications, being easy to apply, less chemicals applied to the skin and of course being economical, “No-makeup Makeup Look” has become our favorite.

Despite the multi-layered and actually heavy application of No Make-up Make-up, this new look aims to bring the skin’s own glow to the fore and to give a really fresh effect.

In recent years, the “no makeup makeup” trend called “no makeup makeup” is very popular. It is also very easy to apply this make-up trend, which generally aims to emphasize the natural beauty of the skin.

Women who get caught up in this trend (we have to admit we can’t quit either) will never want to go back to those old days of intense makeup.

It should not be a beautiful makeup trend rather than reflecting natural beauty.

It’s not the time to worry about the hours we spent on makeup! It’s time for “no makeup makeup” now!

When it comes to buying only the necessary products from the cosmetic stores, it is returned home with many unnecessary products. With the models that changed this situation and made it a trend, make-up artists discovered the idea of using less products and started to offer natural-looking make-up.

How about choosing a tinted lip moisturizer instead of lipstick?

It may be a good idea to use brown mascara on the eyes to keep them looking natural.

Celebrities are also starting to enjoy this trend.

Don’t cover your flaws!

There is not a single person in the world who has almost perfect skin. Remember, the skin of even famous models is full of imperfections. The important thing is how you can show this… Under eye bags, freckles, pores, moles and veins on your face are all normal. It is up to women to exercise the normal.

This must be the new makeup look! This must be the normal look!

5 Foods to Avoid for Glowing Skin

We all want a bright, glowing, healthy skin and we strive for it. If you have not looked at our list of beneficial foods for your skin that we shared before, it is a good idea to take a look now. Now we are focusing on foods to avoid for glowing Skin.

Processed, ready-made foods adversely affect skin health. These products we consume adversely affect our skin as well as our organs. So, which foods mostly affect the skin negatively? We searched for foods that should be avoided for your skin health. Here are the foods that should be avoided for skin health.

#1 White Bread

Foods with a high glycemic index generally harm our body and therefore our skin. White bread doesn’t just cause you to gain weight. At the same time, it can harm the skin with its high carbohydrate content. White bread with a high glycemic index can trigger acne formation on your skin.

Foods to Avoid for Glowing Skin

#2 Dessert

We love dessert. We go into sweet crises from time to time. In fact, dessert does not cause a serious skin problem as long as we do not exaggerate in a controlled manner. However, constant minor escapes can cause premature aging of our skin.

#3 Fried Foods

Our body cannot easily remove the oils contained in fried foods.
We do not know what kind of fats are used in the food we eat from outside. These types of fat start to accumulate in the body and cause many heart and vascular diseases. These problems in the blood circulation can cause unwanted deformations in the skin as a result.

Foods to Avoid for Glowing Skin

#4 Artificial Sweeteners

Let’s get to the worst of the list. Artificial sweeteners!
We should avoid all artificial foods, not just artificial sweeteners. When we introduce these types of processed and artificial foods into our bodies, our body makes a lot of effort to eliminate such foods. Although they claim to be low in calories, they can create very different deformations in your skin in the medium and long term.

Foods to Avoid for Glowing Skin

#5 Alcohol

While alcohol is eliminated in the liver, it draws a large amount of water from the body. For this reason, our body loses a lot of water after drinking alcohol. This is why we experience headaches in the mornings after drinking alcohol. Because our body has lost too much water.
Water is indispensable for our body. Our body needs water for a good and healthy skin. Therefore, we must take this into account when drinking alcohol and avoid excessive alcohol consumption to prevent dehydration.

Foods to Avoid for Glowing Skin

7 Healthy Food for Healthy Skin – Let Your Skin Glow

It shouldn’t be that hard to eat healthy food for healthy skin

We love to wear makeup. But unless we have a healthy skin, make-up can make our skin worse. That’s why we need to take care of our skin for a glowing look. We have brought together healthy food for healthy skin for you.

Take into account these skin-friendly meals: Try to include at least two of the foods on the list below in your daily diet. In a short time, you will start to feel the difference in your skin.

1. Orange Veggies & Fruits

Yellow and orange vegetables and fruits such as apricots, carrots, oranges and tangerines are very beneficial for your skin. Orange and tangerine are powerful antioxidants with vitamin C they contain.

2. Tomatoes

Tomatoes helps you to refresh your skin, tomatoes are very beneficial for your skin. Tomato exfoliates your skin. It removes the spots on your skin.
With it, it removes acne and prevents new ones from forming.
It allows you to get rid of blackheads by tightening your pores.
and hold tight, tomatoes delay aging.

3. Berries

  • Berries protect and strengthen skin cells with the antioxidants they contains.
  • They increase the resistance against pathogens with its anti-inflammatory effect.
  • They slow down the aging process with the vitamin A they contain.
  • Thanks to the B vitamins, they give the skin a lively, bright and smooth appearance.
  • Being rich in vitamin C, they preserve the moisture of the skin and accelerates cell renewal.
  • They help prevent acne and acne formation by balancing the oil content in the skin.
  • They contribute to removing stains and balancing color inequalities.

4. Spinach and Green Leafy Vegetables for Healthy Skin

Spinach is rich in Vitamin C and other important vitamins such as A, E, K and C, helping to improve skin texture and treat some skin-related ailments. It also helps protect the skin from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays. It supports skin healing in case of sun damage and prevents premature aging, skin cancer and other sun-induced dermal disorders.

5. Beans, peas and lentils

Beans are beneficial against aging skin. Antioxidants such as flavonoids, catechin, epicatechin, carotenoids, alpha-carotene help in preventing the aging process of your skin and provides a natural glow to the skin.

On the other hand lentils are one of the best natural exfoliators. They help fighting with acne and blackheads.

6. Fish

Fish oil is generally taken from the livers of fish that have some oil living in cold seas, especially oceans. If we come to the fish that can obtain the most oil, it is known as mackerel, salmon, tuna and sea bass fish.

If you do not like to eat fish, using quality fish oil pills will be very beneficial for you. However, it is important for your health to ensure that the usage rates of these pills do not go overdose.

7. Nuts

The antioxidants found in hazelnuts help your skin look healthier by fighting free radicals that can damage your skin.

It protects the skin from skin cancer caused by UVA / UVB rays. Along with antioxidants, flavonoids stimulate the regeneration of skin cells. With the support of vitamin E, it eliminates dead cells and provides a healthier and younger looking skin.

Don’t forget this. Healthy food for the healthy skin. If you don’t consume healthy food for healthy skin you will be needing more and more products in the future. Plus, being healty is not a bad idea right?

How to Wear Makeup with Bangs


Sometimes makeup with bangs may seem difficult. But if you keep it simple like a French Girl, you are good to go!

When making use of your basis, hold it actually easy and light-weight. In case you use numerous blush or bronzer, your face might begin to look too darkish, for the reason that fringe in your brow will already be casting shadows. Preserve it minimal to keep away from an overdone look and guarantee your bangs are probably the most dramatic piece in your face.


Or buy a darker and richer mascara than the one you already use, to attract additional consideration to your eyes, lengthen your lashes, and make your eyes standout.

Strive making use of eyeshadow/eyeliner from the internal to outer corners of your decrease eyelids. Be certain that they mix nicely too.

If you’re heading for a celebration, check out the smokey eyes look. It is going to flatter your eyes, for the reason that bangs normally hit proper at your brows and covers them.


Your lips ought to keep impartial and never oh-so-bold. Bangs are inclined to make your face look smaller, as they cowl your whole brow. Go for gentle pinky shades so as not to attract the eye away out of your eyes. If you wish to put on a daring lipstick, then put on easy eye make-up. Steadiness.


Improve your eye form by means of making use of winged eyeliner. Cat eyes look merely good with bangs. A winged eyeliner in your higher eyelids will spherical up your whole make-up and hairstyle. Strive it out!


Eye Makeup With Autumn Colors

Nature inspires us. When autumn comes we dress in the same colors as nature. Likewise, we should make up with these colors. It is important to Makeup With Autumn Colors to get sync with the nature.

Instead of black smokey eye makeup you should use warm and soft shades to emphasize your beautiful natural look. Just like Olivia Palermo or Emily Ratajkowski.

Mila Kunis Eye Makeup
Jennifer Lopez Eye Makeup
Kylie Kenner Eye Makeup

Here are a few palettes you will fall in love

Urban Decay Naked Petite Heat

Make Your Life Easier with Lip&Cheek Products

If you were on an island and could only bring 3 makeup products, what would you bring?

One of these three will definitely be a lipstick. You never know when or where someone will fall in love with your smile 🙂

Choose a two-in-one product instead of only one lipstick.

Lip and Cheek products became our favorite products. Apply the same product to your cheeks and lips as a long-wearing cream blush and lipstick.

These products do not take up space in cosmetic bags and can be easily applied in all seasons.

Makeup with Cream Blush

These Are The 8 Best Lip&Cheek Products

Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge for Lip&Cheeks
Milk Makeup Lip&Cheek
Guerlain Duo Cheek & Lip
Tonymoly Panda’s Dream Dual Lip and Cheek
Benefit Benetint Cheek&Lip
all in one makeup example
Baby Cheek Gigi Hadid Makeup
Blush Makeup Example

Celebrity Beach Makeup Styles of 2020

Summer season 2020 is almost finished. So it is time! We can put a list of finest celebrity beach makeup styles of 2020

A lot of the supermodels was sporting no make-up.

Emily gave the impression to be sporting little to no make-up and had a pair of gold hoops in her ears. 

Tommy Hilfiger model Hailey Bieber

Hailey Bieber seems wonderful makeup-free as she fashions cow print bikini whereas enjoyable on trip. The Tommy Hilfiger mannequin appeared like she’d simply loved a dip within the ocean as she confirmed off her flawless make-up free complexion.

Jennifer Lopez with white bikini

Jennifer Lopez who will start her own makeup line soon with pure on the seashore in Miami whereas she loved some meditation in a cute white bikini.

Throughout a visit to the Bahamas, Kylie confirmed off her beautiful determine in a chocolate-colored bikini by Gucci. The additional contact: a skinny chain with the Italian firm’s monogram.

Kendall Jenner Summer time Make-up

Kendall Jenner additionally prefered no make-up model on the seashore.

Bella Hadid posted this beautiful shot, and she is perfect with no makeup-makeup. No words can be said for her stunning look.

Bella Hadid no makeup selfie

List goes on but these are the best celebrity beach makeup styles of 2020 for us.

10 Supermodels Photos With No Makeup

Supermodels are the human beings that put it on the market all of the matters we are interested by, and they’re acknowledged for being the most lovely women on foot the planet. Many of these women upward push to prominence at a younger age, and after they hit a stage of reputation reserved for only a few, they etch a unique place in records. Due to what they bring to the table, the pinnacle fashions in the global earn loads of respect and admiration from human beings anywhere.

Whilst most fashions are working with a massive group of stylists and artists, there are instances once they sense the need to show themselves for who they’re and not who we deem them to be. They try this via freeing pictures without a drop of makeup on, and it enables to show the arena simply how lovely they are.

Let’s check our 10 supermodel photos with no makeup

10. Adriana Lima With No Makeup

Do you know the way she keeps that splendid skin continuously sparkling? She works out like loopy. This model can look amazingly glamorous, however she also isn’t frightened of breaking into a sweat. Yeah, we get it Adriana Lima, you’re incredible.

9. Cara Delevinge With No Makeup

Delevingne may the most unassuming supermodel out there. She’s continually observed not wearing any cosmetics, and she needn’t bother with it by any stretch of the imagination. Notwithstanding being a supermodel, she doesn’t appear to place a lot of accentuation on style in her own life.

Cara Delevinge looks beautiful with her natural look

8. Bella Hadid With No Makeup

Hadids are excellent looking supermodels with no makeup. Gigi Hadid’s more youthful sister Bella likewise has a successful modeling career. She’s additionally joined the angels in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

7. Gigi Hadid With No Makeup

Let’s be honest, the ladies on this list are supermodels on purpose. They look marvelous with cosmetics, however, their characteristic (for the most part) highlights are perfect to the point that cosmetics just upgrades the magnificence they were at that point brought into the world with.

So clearly Gigi Hadid, as a supermodel, looks amazing without any cosmetics.

6. Kendall Jenner With No Makeup

Speaking of Hadids, Kendall and her BFF Gigi Hadid have become this era’s supermodels, with both ladies strutting their stuff on the Victoria’s Secret Shows.

5. Irina Shayk With No Makeup

She resembles her highlighter is “on-fleek,” yet that is only the sparkle falling off of her goddess skin. Irina is an absolute beauty. Bradley Cooper is formally the most fortunate person on the planet.

4. Natalia Vodianova With No Makeup

Natalia Vodianova had the chance to pull off some huge things in her prime. She demonstrated capacities that a couple of models have, and this was to a great extent because of her characteristic magnificence. Without cosmetics, she looks mind-boggling, which surely helped her en route.

3. Heidi Klum With No Makeup

There is nothing left to state about Heidi Klum, as she is one of the best models that has ever strolled the essence of the planet. Klum has done everything, and her choice to snap this image was one that paid off, as it allowed individuals to see her without all the excitement and charm of Hollywood.

2. Audreyana Michelle With No Makeup

She is a lovely and gifted model, and she looks incredible even without cosmetics. Discussion about making it look simple and flexing on everyone.

1. Kaia Gerber With No Makeup

What can be said? She has perfect genes. Kaia Gerber has utilized this to further her potential benefit throughout the years. She is a capable model that needn’t bother with a drop of cosmetics to make it work. She can honestly do everything.

What Men Want: A Women With or Without Makeup

What Men Really Think About Women’s Makeup

Which look is the sexiest do you think? 1 or 2? What Men Really Think About Women’s Makeup

An exaggerated lipstick, visible eyeshadow, super-long lashes or no-makeup makeup, fresh-faced, slightly red cheeks, nude lips? What Men Really Think About Women’s Makeup?

A woman can apply all these products to her face in one time;

  • Foundation
  • Concealer
  • Contour powder – two shades
  • Translucent powder
  • Highlighter
  • Blusher
  • Eyeshadow – three shades
  • Mascara
  • Eyebrow pencil
  • Eyebrow wax
  • Lip liner
  • Lipstick

But of course, Less is more. Let’s get inspired by all these beautiful women.

Just need some tricks to look stunning without makeup.

What Men Really Think About Women’s Makeup

OK, so men like a natural look. It’s all fine and good. But what about when it comes down to the real nitty-gritty — the digital world 

Let the makeup highlight your natural beauty.

Almost all the women we love on Instagram have had cosmetic/plastic surgery.

“I woke up like this” Ha Ha!