How to Contour Makeup in 5 Easy Tips

We all like contouring makeups. So all we want to know how to contour makeup to shape our faces in different ways. Let’s check our 5 easy how to contour makeup list!

1. The basic rule you need to know is dark color hides where you want to store, light color highlights the places you want to highlight. 

You need 2 colors for an easy method. Dark color to make a shadow and light color to make enhance the contour. 

2. Choose the right shade and texture. You can try cream, powder or liquid products. If you are a beginner contour color can be a bronzer and concealer that’s 2–3 shades lighter than your skin tone. Don’t apply too much foundation because it can make you look older.

Contour & Highlight Makeup

3. Choose the right area of your face to apply contour. Analyze your facial structure by feeling the bones in your face. 

Apply a darker color to under your cheekbone to make your face look thinner and highlight your cheekbone with a lighter color. 

Contour & Highlight Makeup

Apply contours where you think your nose is thick like nose sides.  

Apply brighten shade to the inner corner of your eye in a circular motion.

When it comes to concealing monster eye bags, instead of swiping your concealer directly under your eyes, take it down to the apple of your cheek, in a ‘V’ shape. This technique will lighten and brighten the center of your complexion and instantly make you look more awake.

If you have a wide forehead, apply darker color on the temples of your forehead or use bangs.

4. Don’t forget the blend all these lines otherwise it will not look natural. You don’t want to look exaggerated.

5. Fix your makeup by using a transparent powder and ta-da!

Contour Makeup Your Face in 5 Easy Steps