Pixie Haircut and Makeup for Pixie Hair

Stunning Makeup Suits for This Hairstyle

We listed the best makeup styles for pixie haircut.

#1 The attention is on the eyebrows and eyes in this haircut.

It is very important to correct your eyebrows with eyebrow pencil or eyebrow shadow. It also works very well to comb your eyebrows up with eyebrow stabilizer to get perfectly shaped brows.

Eye makeup does not attract that much attention when your long hair covers your eyes. In this hair type, the face is exposed. So that eye makeup is seen directly. An elaborate eye make-up goes well with pixie hairstyle.

A nice eyeliner or a smokey eye application would be great for deepening your gaze. If your eye shape is suitable, you should definitely try the tailed eyeliner. In another post, we will talk about how eyeliner applications will suit which eyes.

#2 You can easily slim your face shape with the application of contur.

Hair is the most important element of femininity. Do not think that you lose your feminine appearance when you cut your hair short. Makeup helps you.

We can make our nose look smaller, emphasize our cheekbones, and thin our chin by using contour make-up materials and shadow and light games.

The process of shading and clarifying the parts of your skin that you want to hide or highlight with dark and light products is called “contours“.

#3 Nothing more feminine than a beautiful lipstick

If you have a dramatic eye make-up, you should apply lip make-up lightly, but if you want to draw attention to your lips, use plenty of color.