Lash Lifting at Home

Lash lifting has become very popular. Eyelash lifting home kits have recently appeared. We may want to do the application ourselves due to covid. Let’s take a look at how they’re made without branding.

We would like to draw attention first of all that eyelash lifting is a serious procedure that should be done by professionals.

The sets usually consists of eye pads, eyelash brushes, clean tools, lift pads and some solutions that are perm, fixation, nutrition, cleanser and false lashes glue.

#1 Cleaning

First of all, you should make sure that there is no makeup residue on your eyelids and eyelashes.

lash lifting at home – preparation

#2 Protect Under Eye

Place eye pads under your eyes to protect your skin from permanent lotion.

lash lifting at home – under eye protection

#3 Put Glue Inside of The Silicone Lift Pads

Apply glue to your eyelid and inside of the cloud-shaped silicone pad. There are 5 silicone pads of different sizes from the sets. Find the size that suits you and place it on the lash line.

Eyelash Lifting Slicone Pad Size

#4 Put Glue Outside of The Silicone Lift Pads

This time apply glue to the outside of the silicone pad. This step is the most important step. You should be very careful while combing the eyelashes on the silicone lift pad. The eyelashes will look like they stick after the procedure.

#5 Apply Perm Lotion

Apply perm lotion over lashes glued back. Perming time: 10-12 minutes. Cover the eyelashes with a piece of plastic wrap while waiting for faster results.

Applying perm lotion to eyelashes

#6 Apply Fixation Lotion

Remove the perm lotion with Y brush then apply fixation lotion on the eyelashes and again cover the your eyes. Fixing time: 10-12 minutes.

#7 Clean The Glue and See The Result

Wipe off the glue from your eyelids and eyelashes with the cleanser lotion. Remove the lift pads.

The result is nice, curly eyelashes. You’ve done it! You did sky high eyelashes like a pro at home!

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