7 Best Makeup Trends for 2021-2022

You can find 7 Best Makeup Trends for 2021-2022 in the list below:

We left 2020 behind, which was a difficult year, and stepped into a year full of hope. We’ve compiled which makeup looks will be trending in 2021.

Best Makeup Trends for 2021

#1 Keep it Simple! Simple skin makeup

Can you imagine skin makeup without foundation, powder, or even blush? Yes, you can think in 2021. It is possible to show your skin alive with a nice skin care routine. A bright skin and a little highlighter will be sufficient for a lively look.

#2 Graphic eyeliner! Technicolor Lids

Graphic eyeliner, which has been trendy last year, is becoming a trend again this year too. You don’t have to settle for black only. Using pink, blue, and even white color can make your eye makeup more eye-catching than it is.
We also wrote a post about this trend. Euphoria makeup trend is beautiful and we love it!

best makeup trends for 2021-2022
best makeup trends for 2021-2022
best makeup trends for 2021-2022

#3 Pink eyeshadow

Pink eyeshadows, which are frequently used especially for the spring and summer months, will harmonize with any make-up. Take care to use pearlescent eyeshadows of this color as much as possible.

best makeup trends for 2021-2022

#4 High Lashes

This year we are saying bye bye to clumping lashes. And say hello to long, sky high lashes

best makeup trends for 2021-2022
best makeup trends for 2021-2022

#5 Colored Mascara

Colored mascara is the latest makeup trend you need to try. Colored mascara is still on trend! we’re taking more options with color and finding different ways to express our lifestyle and personality through beauty.

best makeup trends for 2021-2022
best makeup trends for 2021-2022
best makeup trends for 2021-2022

#6 Stained Lips

We do remember the popsicle stained lips of from our good old times right? Good news! It will be trending in 2021!

best makeup trends for 2021-2022
best makeup trends for 2021-2022

#7 Fresh Skin

best makeup trends for 2021-2022
best makeup trends for 2021-2022

We hope you enjoyed our Best Makeup Trends list. Have a lovely, healthy year ahead! Thank you for reading!

8 Tips to Apply a Red Lipstick Properly

We love red lipstick, but it is very difficult to apply properly. Wearing a red lipstick takes hours. We don’t even look good with that red lipstick. We are learning right now how to apply a red lipstick properly.

8 Tips to Apply a Red Lipstick Properly.

8 Tips to Apply a Red Lipstick Properly.

Follow these easy steps:

  1. Teeth must be white. You should first prepare your teeth for red lipstick. Maybe you can try the instant whitening pen.
  2. Lips must be moist. Gently exfoliate any dry skin by lightly rubbing your lips with a damp washcloth. Your lips are your canvas and the canvas should always be fresh. You can’ t wear red lipstick on dry lips.
  3. Pick a right color lip pencil which is soft and matte. Matte can be long-lasting but may dry your lips out. Creamy formulas are hydrating, but may not last as long. Line and fill lips with the lip pencil necessarily. When it comes to applying red lipstick, artfully applied lip liner is key. Lip liner will keep your lipstick in place, will help prevent feathering, and will also help your color to last.
  4. Now time to wear real red color with layers. As a matter of first importance, you need to discover which is the best shade of the red shading for you. Not every red shade are the best for your face. There are numerous components that assume a gigantic job in characterizing the best red shade. The primary factor is the shade of your skin.
  5. After the first layer, you might be using a transparent powder to a longlasting lipstick effect.
  6. The second layer and clean up edges with concealer.
  7. The final touch to make lower lip look bigger is contouring. Contour under your lower lip with matte eyeshadow or bronze by sweeping it softly.
  8. Don’t get lipstick on your teeth. Put your index finger in your mouth and gently close your lips around it then pull it out.

You’re ready now!

8 Tips to Apply a Red Lipstick Properly

4 Gorgeous Christmas Party Makeup Ideas

So a new year is close, we are all waiting for it! We all want to attract people around us with our gorgeous Christmas party makeup. Let’s check our gorgeous Christmas party makeup ideas.

1.Red Lipstick Makeup with Nude Skin

Be the iconic sexy of the night with smooth-flowing red lipstick and a naked skin that draws attention to the lips. When it comes to Christmas, you can’t get a more iconic look than red lips.

When we say the make-up product that never goes out of fashion, we first come to mind red lipstick.

Remember! Using the lip liner before increase the durability of your lipstick. You can use every shade of red.

Don’t worry that your lips are thin. Red lipstick can fit any lip. You just think of the color of your dress.

And keep your lipstick all night long.

Your face is your canvas. Clean and moisturize it as necessary to make this canvas look great.  Use a good quality foundation and a liquid highlighter.

Red lips and glittering skins look so good together.


2.Smokey Eyes Makeup and Nude Lips

Christmas Party Makeup Ideas

Impress people with mysterious smoky eyes makeup look.

There are three different shades of eyeshadow such as a dark, medium, and light shade. This dark style is a perfect choice for a party. You can have wild and sexy looks with this makeup.

Keep your lips nude to draw attention to your eyes and you can try applying eyelashes. So your eyes will look stunning.

Eyeshadow may fall to your cheeks so you need to do skin makeup first to a clean look.

Be the star of the night with this sophisticated makeup.


3.Navy Eyeliner or Bright Turquoise Sea Blue Eyeshadow Makeup

Let’s be a little brave and use midnight blue eyeshadow which is dense pigmented.

if you want to use blue shades in your eye makeup, here’s a great opportunity. There are many options in blue tone. Choose your own color according to your eye color. Especially if you have brown eyes, blue tones will suit you very well.

This makeup allows you to be noticed remotely by your loved one.


4. Dazzling Glitter Lips

Christmas Party Makeup Ideas

What a sparkling night!

This makeup style is meant to be remembered.  If you want to keep in mind, you should give it a try. You’ll appear like a diamond shine. You’ll be more attractive with unusual colors.

You should try metallic colors. The only thing you need to pay attention is to use long lasting lipstick or gloss.

So they won’t take your eyes off you all night.







How to Contour Makeup in 5 Easy Tips

We all like contouring makeups. So all we want to know how to contour makeup to shape our faces in different ways. Let’s check our 5 easy how to contour makeup list!

1. The basic rule you need to know is dark color hides where you want to store, light color highlights the places you want to highlight. 

You need 2 colors for an easy method. Dark color to make a shadow and light color to make enhance the contour. 

2. Choose the right shade and texture. You can try cream, powder or liquid products. If you are a beginner contour color can be a bronzer and concealer that’s 2–3 shades lighter than your skin tone. Don’t apply too much foundation because it can make you look older.

Contour & Highlight Makeup

3. Choose the right area of your face to apply contour. Analyze your facial structure by feeling the bones in your face. 

Apply a darker color to under your cheekbone to make your face look thinner and highlight your cheekbone with a lighter color. 

Contour & Highlight Makeup

Apply contours where you think your nose is thick like nose sides.  

Apply brighten shade to the inner corner of your eye in a circular motion.

When it comes to concealing monster eye bags, instead of swiping your concealer directly under your eyes, take it down to the apple of your cheek, in a ‘V’ shape. This technique will lighten and brighten the center of your complexion and instantly make you look more awake.

If you have a wide forehead, apply darker color on the temples of your forehead or use bangs.

4. Don’t forget the blend all these lines otherwise it will not look natural. You don’t want to look exaggerated.

5. Fix your makeup by using a transparent powder and ta-da!

Contour Makeup Your Face in 5 Easy Steps

Living Coral Makeup – Pantone Color Of The Year 2019

For a long time, Pantone’s Shade of the Year has affected item improvement and obtaining choices in different ventures, including style, home decorations, and modern structure, and makeup color trends.

Pantone Color of the Year 2019 Living Coral

Pantone announced the color of the year 2019 is “Living Coral“.

Let’s have a look at Living Coral Makeups with The Pantone color of the year 2019.

The Best Warm and Pastel Color

Expect to see more of living coral in the days to come.

Described from Pantone.com as “An animating and life-affirming coral hue with a golden undertone that energizes and enlivens with a softer edge”.

How can we create this color? Maybe a little pinky peach with orange and gold.

Living Colar Makeup

This shading is entirely appropriate for lips, nail polish, eyeshadows, blush; especially for blondes.

Living Colar Makeup

Living Colar Makeup

A full face using one lipstick is an easy way to be fashionable. Find the right color soft lipstick and apply it.

Coral lips are normally saved for summer, however, since it’s formally the shade of the year, don’t hesitate to shake that mope lasting through the year.

Coral Lips

Feeling adventurous? Try this color for your everyday makeups.

  • Start with the moisturizer to your everyday makeup.
  • Then use a primer to make your foundation longlasting. It gives natural and fresh looking skin also. These steps should your favorite makeup routine. We suggest you do your makeup in the daylight. It will look real and amazing in the daylight.
  • If you have clean skin makeup now you come to the colors. Use alternatives of the living colar shades for looking natural. You can pick an orange bronzer shade for your eyes and cheekbones to a sunkissed look. Before the final use highlighter to your nose and above the cheekbones.
  • Final with the black mascara and super creamy pinky peach lipstick.

Living Coral Everyday Makeup