Get The Wet Look Makeup For Valentine’s Day

Wet look makeup! Wet and sexy! Let’s talk about a sexy makeup style for Valentine’s Day. This make-up style offers a glowing skin as if out of the shower, just out of the sea but glowing skin will be provided with wetness, not glitter.

With this make-up, you can get a fresh, healthy look. It is very important to adjust the density of make-up correctly.

The main conditions for rejuvenating our skin are water and moisturizers. We can achieve this by applying moisturizer and drinking plenty of water.

If the wet look makeup is desired, the following 4 steps can be applied separately or together.

#1 Wet Eye Shadows & Wet Eyelids

Mascara and wet eyelids look very sexy together. Using glitter is out of date now. Here are a few products for the glossy look;

Great examples of glossy wetlook eyeshadow
Pink glossy wetlook eyeslid example

#2 Wet Cheekbones

All skin types should first prepare a base for make-up by applying a very good moisturizer to the whole face.

If your skin type is oily, you should make a correct skin make-up before performing this application on your cheekbones.

Gloss should be applied just above the area where blush is applied.

#3 Wet Lips

Please be careful you don’t want to look like you’ve just eaten a fatty meal. 🙂

Few things are more sexy than wet lips. A non-sticky lip makeup is perfect for Valentine’s Day. It will be difficult to use for daily make-up, but it is very suitable for special occasions. Apply powder or even permanent lipstick under gloss for a more permanent result.

#4 All Wet Looks

We do not recommend applying wet makeup type to all areas at the same time, but it may be applied in the right dosage.

To complete this look, you can make your hair in a messy bun as if out of the shower, and wet and curl a few strands of hair from the front towards your face.

Makeup Trend: Wet Eyelids

Why did we love wet makeup trend so much and how to get wet look?

Last summer there was a sexy makeup trend which is focus eyelids.

Glossy but non-sticky eyelids. Let’s take a look how can we get this kind of makeup look.

Glossy Eyelids

This look includes wet look so cheeks and lips should be matte. In this way draw attention to the eyes.

If you have a large eyelid you must try this makeup. Low eyelid creased ones you must ignore this glossy eyelid trend.

Wet Eyelid Example

For a Long Lasting Wet Eyelid Makeup

  • The beginning with a primer.
  • Lid Gloss can be colored or transparent. Pick an eyeshadow color matte or bright.
  • Use only creamy products.
  • You can use your finger to apply eyeshadow. Especially brown shade eyeshadows look amazing with gloss.
  • The easy way is choosing a not very liquid, transparent lip gloss. Transparent and non-glitter glossy best for a wet look like water or there are now colored eyelid gloss in brands.
  • There are two another way to get a shiny eyelid with shiny kissproof lipstick and using highlighters which is normally used on cheekbones.
  • Eyebrows should be corrected in a natural way and also do not give a wet look to your bottom eyelashes.
  • After applying gloss on the eyelids final touch should be extra black mascara and Hollywood eyeliner.

Let’s take a moment to appreciate that perfect “GLOSSY MAKE – UP” tutorial.