Valentine’s Day Eye Makeup at Home 2021

Eyeliner Makeup for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day Eyeliner Makeup at Home 2021
Valentine’s Day Eye Makeup at Home 2021
Valentine’s Day EyelinerMakeup at Home 2021
Valentine’s Day Eyeliner Makeup at Home 2021

Have you heard the story of Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day’s starting date goes back to the time of the ancient Roman Empire. In ancient Rome, February 14 was an important day for all Roman people. Because on this day, a holiday was held out of respect for Juno, the queen of Roman gods and goddesses. Juno was also known by the Roman people as the goddess of femininity and marriage. On the 15th of February following this day, the Lupercalia Festival started.

This holiday was of great importance for the young population of the people. The reason for this is that these young people, whose lives are limited by certain rules and as a natural consequence of this, have no chance to live together, became partners of each other even only during this holiday.

Which young lady would form a couple with which young man was determined by a drawing held on the eve of the Lupercalia Festival, an old tradition. Roman girls wrote their names on small pieces of paper and put them in a jar. Men, on the other hand, pulled these papers out of the jar and were together with the girl whose name was written on it during the feast fun. For couples who fell in love with each other, these relationships went beyond the holiday period and usually ended in marriage.

Saint Valentine was a priest who lived in Rome during the time of Claudius. Together with his pastor friend St Marius, the couples continued to marry secretly, despite Claudius’ ban.

The emperor learned of this and Saint Valentine was arrested.

Emperor Claudius also learns that Valentine, who is imprisoned, is helping the blind daughter of the Guardian to recover. Emperor Claudius accepts this as a crime and punishes Valentine.

His punishment was to be beaten to death with a stick. On the day of his death, there is a note that the guard wrote to his daughter that he helped Saint Valentine to recover. In the note, Valentine spoke of love between lovers, passion.

He was buried in the Christian martyrdom on February 14, 270 AD. 226 years after this event, in 496, Pope Gelasius designated February 14 as Saint Valentine’s Day to honor Saint Valentine.

Over the years, February 14 has gradually become a day where lovers and lovers send love messages to each other and receive gifts. Saint Valentine became the patron saint of all lovers and became known as such.

Valentine’s Day has become a social event celebrated by more and more people today, since Esther Howland sent her first Valentine’s Day card in America after the 1800s. Now, days ago, everywhere in the world began to be decorated with red hearts and roses. Today, in some societies, it continues as a special day where lovers receive gifts and send cards to each other. According to estimates, around 1 billion cards are sent around the world on February 14. In addition to this, sales are increasing in the market due to gift purchases.